Win Big on the Slots and Your Horoscope

When it comes to winning big on the slots, different people will tell you different things. Some people have wild theories and superstitions about rubbing a coin in their hands before they play – other people will tell you that whether or not you’re going to win depends on when the machine was last played. By and large these theories are all just superstitions brought about through urban legend – because slot machines work on random number generators, the only thing which enters into the equation as to whether or not you lose, is your luck.


So is there a way you can influence your luck? That is another question entirely – gamblers throughout the ages have always been a superstitious bunch. Whether it’s a lucky horseshoe, a lucky shirt or anything else, many gamblers like having some kind of physical totem on their person which they believe will help them win big. Your luck however is not simply subject to what you have in your pockets on a given day, is it? Some people will tell you that your luck comes down to the day on which you were born.

It can be a comforting thought, believing that your luck has been preordained by the stars you were born under. This is why the horoscope is such a common thing, read and enjoyed by different cultures across the world throughout history you might want to check out this interactive horoscope chart to see how lucky you’ll be in 2018. In the Western zodiac your luck changes based on the monthly star sign. A Libra, for example, would have better luck in September and October than they would have in any other month.

Each star sign comes with a list of characteristics and traits too, affecting everything from how they live their life to how well they do at different types of games – an Aries is naturally lucky at poker, an Aquarius at blackjack and a Gemini at slots. Believe it or not, but each zodiac sign even comes with their own lucky numbers. According to Ladbrokes, Capricorns for instance, will find the numbers 8, 20, 23, 29, 39 and 40 particularly lucky this year. If a Capricorn was to try their luck with these numbers on the slots, they could play on the 8th, the 20th or 23rd day of the month. Alternatively they could try to double up on their luck by playing on say, the 20th or 23rd of August.

While there’s no way you can realistically measure luck and test the accuracy of these numbers, the notion that you might be able to affect your winnings by carefully picking your date is an amusing one indeed. If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to take to the slots and see for yourself just how lucky you are.